Saturday, December 9, 2017

‘The Country of Sunlight, The Village of Milkweed’

‘The Country of Sunlight, The Village of Milkweed” someone asked if there was any here is the Milkweed.  Still not done...but I can finish when the semester is over.  The last layer will have to come from my minds eye.... really still challenging to invent the girl…
Here is my latest version of her face and a few more…teaching an overload - messy studio....can't wait to get in there and do some winter studies!

I wanted to make her face express both peace and sober awareness.  I know it’s not done yet… it is difficult to invent her face without anything but what is in my minds eye.

Couple of alla prima portraits

In response to a recent are a couple of portraits...each one is about a two hour study.  It was great to sit down with these fabulous young women and visit while I painted much hope!

In class demo

 In class demo of our model Joseph ... practicing abstraction through broken stroke and expressive color while maintaining structure and likeness.    Joseph like the painting so much I gave it to him

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Black Point Estate and Gardens

Thank you to David and Alice for inviting me to paint at Black Point as part of the evening of fundraising...I forgot my tripod mount which had me painting in the grass but all the same it was a wonderful event, beautiful eve. and my work will be made into a print that will be sold in the gift shop!   The home and estate are marvelous!  Cheers!


Best in Show!

In progress: I made one more pass before I finished up!  Thank you and best wishes to my new collectors who bought this painting even before I had finished!   

Friday, September 1, 2017

"The Country of Sunlight, The Village of Milkweed"

Update on my painting "The Country of Sunlight, The Village of Milkweed" is a detail of the girls face....just a bit more to do!
The painting is 48" tall and she is standing in back of the milkweed plants so her edges are all soft...just going to do a little more 

Painting at Black Point Historic Home in Lake Geneva!

I am happy to be invited to paint today at beautiful Black Point Estate and Gardens.  I am looking forward to finding a wonderful spot to paint the home or maybe a view from the porch.  Looks like we'll have great weather!   This event is a fund raiser to help maintain this beautiful historic site.  If you go, please come find me on the grounds and say hi!  Here is a link to the Historical Society of Wisconsin and to Black Point Estate and Gardens

I will bring a few small paintings to sell and I will donate 20% of my total earnings to the estate preservation fund...come on by!   Included will be paintings I did at two other great historical sites....the yellow peony paintings I did at the Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson and studies I did at The Aldo Leopold Foundation Center in Baraboo, Leopold's shack....
 In progress

In progress

Thanks to Alice for the invitation !

Monday, May 8, 2017

student work

It is a great pleasure to see a student continue to succeed!  Harrison Halaska (first year MFA candidate at LCAD) is part of an exhibit at Laguna Art Museum.  His large scale work was selected for the poster...and I can see why! Congrats Harrison.