Friday, June 5, 2015

 Bee Study 1.      I am thinking of titles for my two little bee studies....still wet.
 This is the same group of bees.  Bee Study 2

A view of the bees on my collection board (at top).  Off to the left (bottom) is a drawing of me by Cesar Santos and next to that is a painting of Cathedral Ledge, Jackson NH painted by Jennifer Keltos.  Both of these were made while we were at the Hudson River Fellowship 2014.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One of the Museum Associates came out and took this picture of me.  Thanks for viewing.  The peony blooms are short lived in this weather...this Sat. they are dedicating the garden.

The start of todays study...I compressed the space between the flowers.  More room for the flowers!

Yesterdays study on the wall.

Nearly finished.

Most of the peonies are blooming right now.  Maybe I will go back tomorrow and try again!

Enjoyed painting the yellow peonies at the Hoard Historical Museum garden yesterday.  It is the Anderson collection of Intersectional Peonies....said to be the largest collection in the world of this variety! Silently contemplating fleeting beauty and wrestling with its hidden complexities compels me back to this site....I am all packed up and ready to start again.