Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kelvingrove Museum James Guthrie Study

This was a bit of a fiasco but we worked it all out and I got the studies done!  Honestly, it is an absolute pleasure to do these studies.   I am learning but it is still much easier to paint from a painting than from a person sitting in front of you!

Here I am with study #1  of "Old Willie".  It is a close up detail so I can have some "room to paint".   I am at the Kelvingrove in front of another masterpiece by Guthrie.  I think his chunky brush shaped forms may have inspired Ann Gale?  I feel a real affinity for this work.
 Study #1 of the "Old Willie" painting.

This was the start of my second study...I was a bit rushed.  Looking back this feels so line driven I think I got fixated on the planes of paint instead of the planes of the head!  I had to finish in a hurry so I did not yet correct the asymmetry of the eyes....lots to learn.

Here is study 2 finished.  I really shrunk his of many mistakes.

Here is a detail of study #2...I could have defined that shine on his nose much better...I tweaked this with a small round bristle brush at the left so many tracks...oh well on to the next one.


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