Monday, April 25, 2016

Velazquez at the National Gallery Scotland

I love this painting!  The rapport between the old woman and the boy, the visual rhythm, the composition, how it is painted...really I just admire it all.   I really struggled with my study of it.  I thought it would be easier, but this little head study gave me a run for my money.  I struggled on all the major fronts; shape, value, color and edge.   I thought I would post it anyway because sometimes it looks easy and the effort and the struggle is forgotten.

A drawn study I did the day before.

I was already struggling with looking up at the study but "seeing" his head as Velazquez did from above.   Not to make excuses but there is glass over the painting and it is more difficult to 'see the paint'. 

I tried putting in some darker transparent to help the drawing, but I didn't go far enough with compressing the shadow values...especially the orbits of the eyes, or the side and lower facial planes.  I can see that now...but I jumped in with color.

At this point I did a bit more and then called it a day.  I felt pretty discouraged.

I did a bit more when I got back to Dalkeith..and a bit in the morning from memory.   This is basically where I left much to learn.  You can see that I 'undid' some of the structure of the nose...but I did get the further eye back into better proportion.

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