Saturday, August 27, 2016

First image to post but last study of the residency!  Not quite complete.  Ten days and nearly 30 studies later....whew!  I have only posted a chunk of them and will post more later.   I am so grateful to La Napoule Artist Residency Foundation and the Grand Central Atelier for the award.
Savannah Tate-Cuff is a real sweet heart of the rodeo and a terrific painting mate! And Senga Nengudi and Ellioutt Fittz are a pleasure and inspiration! 
I painted my compositions all vertical except this one...I brought many golden mean size panels!  Chateau La Napoule, France.Suncream all around!  Swimming between studies and really warm pools of oil paint!

This one is one of my favorites...I just found that little blue and white shack so sweet!  I also enjoyed painting the children at the beach...

I am pleased with these two simple buoy studies... 

St. Marguerites is the cliff side building on the island.  I was trying to lead the viewers eye to that point...not such a great study but....

This is my last study...tomorrow the last day...I know I am beginning to understand something about water and much information!

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  1. hey mom these look really good and I hope that you can find the time to do a little more as winter approaches